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A Cincinnati Auto Repair Shop With a Family Tradition of Superior Service

The roots of Evan’s Auto Care go all the way back to 1964. In that year, Benny Brodof opened a gas station and auto services garage at 9190 Plainfield Road in Cincinnati. His son, Evan, started working with him when he was in elementary school and eventually joined the team full-time.

Benny operated the business until the mid 1990s, when he retired and Evan took over. Evan decided to concentrate on the auto service and repair side of the business. He removed the gas pump and built a new, state-of-the-art service center, complete with eight service bays, modern equipment and a customer waiting area.

While the new auto repair shop may look a little different from the original facility, the dedication to the highest level of service remains. Even as Evan’s Auto Care continues to introduce new services, technology and equipment, the core of the business will stay true to what was started over four decades ago.
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We Can Handle All of Your Auto Service & Repair Needs

Evan’s Auto Care is your destination for all your auto service and repair needs. As a full-service auto repair shop, we can take care of every one of your car care needs. Our ASE-certified technicians specialize in domestic, import and European vehicles. They have the skills and experience required to keep every make and model in perfect condition. Whether you’re keeping up with your auto maintenance or need a quick, expert auto repair to get your back on the road, you can expect superior service from Evan’s Auto Care.

A Focus on Proper, Hassle-Free Auto Maintenance

Evan’s Auto Care isn’t just a auto repair shop—we’re your vehicle maintenance specialists. Regular auto maintenance helps your car last longer and run better, and Evan’s makes maintenance easy for you. In addition to offering a complete suite of auto services and repairs, we have your factory-recommended auto maintenance schedule in our computerized database and are authorized to perform all warranty services. When you come to Evan’s Auto Care, your warranty stays intact, and your vehicle leaves in great shape.
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Customer Reviews

At Evan’s Auto Care we pride ourselves on the service and experience we provide to our customers.  In the past 2 years we have received over 250 reviews from customers.  Of those 250, 220 rate us 5 out of 5 stars, 21 4 out of 5 starts.  96.5% of our customers rate their experience with Evan’s as EXCELLENT!  Don’t take our word for it, read below.

Matt Plapp reviewed  2 Months Ago – Overall Excellent – Evan’s Auto Care did a great job with my Chevy Equinox. I needed new tires and they steered me in the right direction with what tires would perform best on my car. It was done exactly when they said it was and the ride is the best it’s ever been. Thanks Evan and Jim.

Susan Writes reviewed 6 months ago – Quality Excellent – Referred here by both a private individual and a mechanic. Every time, I am completely satisfied by thorough explanations, prompt service, friendly staff, complimentary shuttle to my office and solid work. Would refer them to anyone.

Derek Heinzman reviewed 10 months ago – Overall Excellent – Easily the best in the area. They work on all my vehicles ranging from a Lexus IS to a Dodge Ram. If you have a higher end car, take it here and pay far less than you would at the dealership for any type of service.

Ethan Chaleff reviewed a year agoOverall Excellent – I went after misreading my coolant level light as my check oil light, I told them that I thought the oil pump was bad. They were honest enough to tell me that there was nothing wrong with it, and that the problem was with my coolant. My car is supposed to have the oil pump change within the next 3000 miles, and with all that they were still honest. On top of that, everyone I talked to was professional and very nice. Overall I was very satisfied.

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BMW Head Gasket Problems

This is an article written by William Zane for eHow.comMake an appointment for your BMW to get serviced

Despite the fact that BMWs are among the best engineered cars in the world and the company is a leader in many aspects of the automotive industry, many of the cars it produces can suffer from head gasket problems. This is caused by a few factors, namely the fact that BMWs often appear to have water pumps, thermostats and radiators that don’t last long. There are some things that can be done to prevent a warped head gasket as well as signs to look for if you think you have a problem with the head gasket.


A failed head gasket is generally cause by an overheating engine that, in turn, causes the head to warp. If the head warps, the head gasket cannot properly seal the head to the block, allowing coolant to mix with the oil inside the motor. An engine will overheat for a variety of reasons. If the water pump fails on a BMW, it will stop circulating coolant from the radiator into the motor, causing potential overheating if the problem is not caught in time. If the thermostat fails, then the fan will not turn on and cause overheating. The least likely possibility is a failed radiator core, though this does happen as well.


There are several signs that a BMW has a blown head gasket, such as if the temperature gauge shows the car is routinely running hot. If the low coolant light comes on, even after topping up the coolant, it’s leaking somewhere. Another way to tell is by opening up the engine’s oil cap and inspecting the oil. If the head gasket is blown, the oil will mix with the coolant and the oil will have a brown, milky appearance. If white smoke comes out of the tailpipe even after the car is warmed, there is a good chance there is a problem.


There are several things you can to help ensure your BMW motor does not suffer from a blown head gasket. It is recommended you change the water pump every 60,000 miles or so and replace the thermostat if there is any sign of the motor running hot. Though radiators are expensive, it’s a good idea to replace them every 100,000 miles or so. It is also possible to upgrade to an aluminium radiator on most cars as well as a better engineered aftermarket water pump. It’s also a good idea to periodically have the coolant flushed and replaced.

 What Happens if the Head Gasket Is bad?

If the head gasket blows on a BMW, fixing it is labor intensive. The head gasket itself is usually a £130 part, but removing the head takes many hours. Most shops charge around £975 to properly fix a head gasket.

BMW Brake Service

There’s no doubt that brakes are the most important safety item on any car, and your BMW is no different . To keep your BMW’s brakes performing safely you should be aware of any unusual sounds or vibrations while braking. Often customers may hear an unusual noise when braking or feel a pulsing or vibration, and they may over look it. If this is the case your BMW brakes may need some attention. There are other ways to tell if you are in need of brakes on your BMW. Most BMWs have brake lining sensors located in the left front and the right rear brake system that measure the amount of brake pad material remaining on your car. If you have any doubts as to the condition of your brakes you should bring your BMW to Evan’s and we can examine your brakes and let you know what needs to be done. Depending on the year and model of your BMW a typical brake job will consist of the following:


Brake Pads

Brake Pad technology is consistently changing. There are many different types of brake pad material compositions available for your BMW ranging from stock compound to full race application. While we doubt our customers are racing their X3 through the streets of Cincinnati, we will use a brake pad that fits your needs and is one that meet or exceed the stock BMW pad.

Brake Rotors or Discs

Starting in 1992, most brake rotors for BMWs are not able to be used more than once as they typically will be below the minimum allowable thickness when brakes pads are due. We measure each rotor before replacement to determine if the rotor can be re-used. BMW rotors are intentionally thin in order to save weight and increase performance. Evan’s Auto Care offers original equipment manufacturer rotors, performance rotors and we can also special order rotors for different driving full race application. While we doubt our customers are racing their X3 through the streets of Cincinnati, we will for a brake pad that fits your needs and is one that performs slightly better than the stock BMW.

BMW Auto Repair Indian Hill, Maderia, Mason OhioClean all Brake Components and Adjust Emergency Brakepad

Proper cleaning of all brake components is critical during any brake job to insure that your BMW brakes work as efficiently as possibly with minimal heat build up. During each brake job we clean all brake parts, inspect the integrity of your brake calipers and remove rust a debris from your wheel hub and brake caliper hanger. During each rear brake job we also inspect your emergency brake shoes for any cracking as well as properly adjusting the hand brake shoes according to BMW specifications. All this is done to insure that your BMW brakes are at optimal performance.

Brake Fluid Flush

The regular service interval for a brake fluid flush is 2 years. This interval is accelerated for cars that see the track or race cars.

There are a important reasons to flush your brake fluid regularly; contamination and age. Brake fluid is hygroscopic, go ahead Google it. Brake fluid absorbs water, and water saturation decreases the boiling point of the fluid. Under hard braking a tremendous amount of heat is created from the friction of the pad and rotor contact.

This heat causes your brake fluid to actually boil within your brake lines and calipers. When the brake fluid boils, it creates pockets of air inside of your braking system. This causes a mushy pedal and reduces braking ability. Another important reason to have your brake fluid regularly inspected and serviced is that the moisture in old brake fluid causes corrosion. This corrosion attacks the inside of expensive brake components.


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