1994 BMW 530i Touring V8 – This Weeks Evan’s BAT Find

1994 BMW 530i Touring - Evans Auto Care BAT Find

Imagine  loading the kids up in this wagon to hit your next football game at St. X, Moeller or Elder.  Whether your an Eastside Cincinnati resident or a Westsite one, you’ll love this BMW Wagon.  These have always been really popular among those of us who are hauling precious cargo around Cincinnati.  The info on this week’s “Evan’s BAT Find” are below, enjoy:)

This 1994 BMW 530i E34 Touring is equipped with the 3.0L V8 engine. This example had its block replaced at BMW of Seattle in 2007 with a new Alusil block and the seller has added 60k miles since with no issues. This generation of engines was affected by failures in their Nikasil cylinder liners from the factory which was the reason for the engine replacement. The car has some minor electrical issues detailed below but is reported to be a reliable driver with all recent services due to failed seals and plastic parts not replaced during the engine rebuild, along with MAF/O2 sensors. Extensive service records are included along with documentation back the seller’s father’s purchase of the car in 1994.



1994 BMW 530i Touring - Evans Auto Care BAT Find 2 1994 BMW 530i Touring - Evans Auto Care BAT Find 3