Everyone Loves BMW M3s – Latest Edition of Evan’s BAT

2To drive a BMW M3 is to know what I mean by “Everyone Love’s BMW M3’s”.  These cars are amazing and a blast to zip around the streets of Cincinnati in.  This auction on Bring A Trailer features a 1988 BMW M3.  This is a VERY popular model and for good reason. You feel the road, it’s like you’re one with it as you carve the backroads of Kenwood and Indian Hill.

This 1988 BMW M3 has 117k miles and has been with the seller for three years. This example features a number of upgrades including an Evo II front spoiler, Turner chip, and Supersprint exhaust. Recent work includes an A/C overhaul, paint correction, and suspension upgrades detailed below. The car is described as mechanically sound with up to date maintenance. A recent compression test shows all four cylinders of the S14 engine between 198-200psi. The car is sold with a New York salvage title due to a theft in November of 1995, the details of which are laid out in the included insurance letter, Carfax, and repair documents.


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