Pontiac Car Repair Cincinnati Ohio

We lost a legend in 2010 with the closing of Pontiac.  It’s ironic that in the final years they produced some of their best looking models, but they will not be1969 Pontiac GTOforgotten.  At Evan’s Auto Care we have fond memories on the 60’s Bonneville coming in for service.  And who can forget the Pontiac GTO in the late 60’s and early 70’s.  Today we still see the older models like the Bonneville (1990’s version) Montana Mini-Van and of course the newer GTO’s.  Let Evan’s be the new home for your Pontiac, we’ll take great care of you!


WHY EVAN’S AUTO CARE? We are a dealership alternative. We do repairs that most people would think has to be performed by the dealership. We use original equipment manufacturer parts because of their quality and our warranty is longer than the dealerships. We source OEM parts from places other than the dealerships and can pass along the savings. Cheap parts don’t last and they don’t have the quality that we demand.