Subaru Car Repairs and Maintenance

block_olympus08_action1Known for their Rally cars, Subaru has made a name among racing fans.  Their cars don’t always look to be the sportiest, but they sure are.  From the SubaruEmpreza WRX to the Forester, Subaru models combine functionality and performance.  Even though our owner Evan has a love for racing, we can’t help you get your Subura Rally ready, but we can keep it road ready for any condition that our Cincinnati weather throws at you.

So next time you need your oil changed, transmission repaired or AC tuned up only let Evan’s Auto Care touch your Subaru!  Whether you live in Blue Ash or work in Blue Ash and live in Northern Kentucky, we can help.  Our great shuttle service will make your life a lot easier, just click below and read the reviews from customers all over Cincinnati about how their experience was.


WHY EVAN’S AUTO CARE? We are a dealership alternative. We do repairs that most people would think has to be performed by the dealership. We use original equipment manufacturer parts because of their quality and our warranty is longer than the dealerships. We source OEM parts from places other than the dealerships and can pass along the savings. Cheap parts don’t last and they don’t have the quality that we demand.