Fleet Services


The Finest Fleet CareYour business can’t afford to have its vehicles out of commission. Let Evan’s Auto Care keep your fleet up and running.We understand the fleet repair business and know how unplanned maintenance and downtime affect your bottom line. With our corporate fleet experience, modern facility and advanced maintenance management system, we can keep your vehicles on the road.

At Evan’s Auto Care, our policy is “Minimal Downtime.” Your vehicle won’t be sitting waiting for service; we guarantee that all our fleet customers will receive a service status call within one hour of us receiving the vehicle. Our eight service bays and expert staff allow us to complete most scheduled maintenance and repairs in the same day. In addition, we apply technology to improve our operating efficiency and get your vehicles back to you faster.

Coordinated maintenance scheduleFor example, our vehicle database allows us to track your fleet’s maintenance needs. Using this invaluable catalog of information, we can work with you to institute a regular program of preventative maintenance. With a coordinated maintenance schedule, you can avoid or reduce emergency repairs, which are costly in both time and money. Furthermore, allowing us to focus on your fleet’s maintenance schedule allows you to focus on running your business, so you can operate more efficiently.

Trust Evan’s Auto Care to support your fleet in a way that is unmatched. No matter the type of vehicle or maintenance problem, we have the resources to meet your needs.