This is why you DON’T “DIY” car repairs

Evan's Auto Care

The auto repair business has changed a lot since we got into this business in Blue Ash in 1964.  Cars have become much harder to work-on at home, but that’s not stopped “Do It Yourself” auto mechanics.  Granted, many families are pinched now more than ever, but there are certain items you should not try to save money on.  One of those items is your car repair, especially when we’re talking about your brakes.

This is the result of a do it yourself brake job. The husband replaced the brake pads on the family SUV himself to save some money. The wife and kids left the next day for Florida. Within an hour of leaving home the caliper bolts came out and the caliper became wedged between the spindle and the rim. The rim locked while the SUV drove down the highway at 65 MPH. Fortunately the vehicle didn’t flip, but the wife did when she saw the extent of the damage.

Please, before you decide to work on your own car, think about the worst case scenario and if that’s something you’re willing to risk. An oil change at home is much different than a brake job.