Tips & Tricks for Starting

Accident TipsIf you ran out of gas before filling up, your car may need a little help getting started. If you have a fuel injection system, turn the ignition on and off a few times without actually starting the car. This will pressurize the fuel system and assist in starting the car. If you have an old carburetor system, give the gas pedal a couple of pumps before turning the key.

Jump starting a car can get you out of tough situations, but it can also be quite dangerous. Follow these precautions before doing so:

  1. Don’t smoke—batteries produce gases that are explosive.
  2. Remove any loose clothing, jewelry, watches and necklaces, as they might get caught in moving parts.
  3. Do NOT attach the negative jumper cable to the negative post on the dead battery. It will give off sparks that could ignite the battery gases and cause an explosion.