When DIY or “Cheap” Can Cost You Big

At Evan’s Auto Care  we come across problems that could have been avoided early on if the customer had just not chosen 1 of 2 common solutions “Do It Yourself” or “Cheap” from smaller older repair shops.  Simple tasks like Oil Changes and changing of windshield wiper blades can be and easy DIY project, but this isn’t the 80’s anymore where you can do most of the repairs on your car yourself.  Today’s technology has also knocked out many of the small-time inexpensive repair shops and backyard mechanics.  WHY, the equipment required to work on today’s cars.

Auto Repair CincinnatiMany of the smaller auto repair shops or  the “friend of a friend” who works in his backyard just won’t cut it anymore.  At Evan’s Auto Care in Blue Ash we have all of today’s proper equipment to work on the cars the right way.  We’ve spent thousands on machines, software and training to make sure your car is diagnosed and fixed correctly.  If you can’t make it to Evan’s for your next repair, make sure the auto repair shop you use in Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky is using current up-to-date equipment and software to work on your car.  There are issues that any mechanic can “fix” on your car, it’s just a matter of if they fixed it correctly and for the long-run.

Remember, cheap or free ALWAYS comes with strings!